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David Ogilvy on leadership

A few quotes on leadership from David Ogilvy. “Great leaders are always fanatically committed to their jobs. They do not suffer from the crippling need to be universally loved. They have the guts to make unpopular decisions – including the guts to fire non-performers.” “I do not believe that fear is a tool used by

Phone numbers and CRO

I’m always asking does the solution we currently use make it easy for people to transact or can it be improved? Recently I’ve been looking at how we present phone contact information on one of our ecoms. We display a 1800 number in the site header and directly under this a local 02 phone number.

The customer funnel

Action Coach call it ‘The Ladder of Loyalty’ and ‘A Raving Fans Game Plan’. I call it the customer funnel. It’s a simple way of classifying prospects/customers to those that do not know you (strangers) all the way to customers who defend your brand (advocates). This allows you to create systems and processes to move

How to change a WordPress font using custom.css

Head to your WordPress admin console. Click Appearance. Editor. Select the Stylesheet (custom.css) file on the right hand menu (usually you will need to scroll down). Search (ctrl+f) for: font-family Change the font from the existing to your desired font. Try Helvetica. Click on update file. Refresh (F5) your webpage.   It goes without saying

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