The customer funnel

Action Coach call it ‘The Ladder of Loyalty’ and ‘A Raving Fans Game Plan’. I call it the customer funnel. It’s a simple way of classifying prospects/customers to those that do not know you (strangers) all the way to customers who defend your brand (advocates). This allows you to create systems and processes to move them from one end of the spectrum to the other.

It looks like this.

Stranger > Visitor > Lead > Single > Multi > Reviewer > Advocate

The Action system is fine, however imo the way that it is taught/explained is a bit pony macaroni (cheesy), this is my opinion based on personal experience. I’ll refer to real-world systems on this blog to move prospects along the customer funnel and want to define of each stage.



A stranger is someone that has never heard of your business. Many of the systems at this stage create awareness and push a visit to your website. An example of this is a Google Adwords campaign.


A visitor has visited your website and is yet to convert. A conversion may be an ecom transaction, sub or phone call. Systems implemented at this level move visitors to marketing automation systems or directly to a Single. An example of this is a Facebook like box or a marketing automation beacon.


A lead has given you permission to market to them however is yet to convert. Systems implemented at this stage push for conversions. An example is an EDM sent to your non-buyers with a strong offer.


A single has made their first conversion with you. Systems we implement at this stage turn your single buyers into repeat customers. An example is a post purchase email campaign.


A multi has converted more than once. This pool of customers should represent a large portion of your turnover. They have positive experiences with your brand and have established a degree of trust with you. Systems at this stage push customers to leave a positive review about your business. An example is a survey strategy.


A reviewer has left a positive review about your business. Reviewers place their credibility on the line when they leave a review. Systems at this stage create brand advocates. An example is a recommend a friend system.


An advocate refers others to your business. Adovcates will defend you, purchase with regularity, identify with your brand and refer. Systems at this stage keep advocates happy and make it easy for them to refer others. An example is a private sale.


Establish a customer funnel and map out your current systems. You should find focus and spend time on the systems that need attention. If you already have 5 systems to help you convert visitors to singles but none focused on turning these singles to multis then it generally pays to create a system in this area prior to another visitor to single system.

A good team helps with implementing these systems. Fortunately I have one of these.

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