The 1 Month Project

In my last post I talked about wanting to create fresh content for the Amazon Associates program. In this post I want to flesh out the project in a little more detail.

In October of 2012 I published one Amazon Associates article a day. This one months worth of work has provided a small passive income every month since and in total has generated exactly $11,913.12 of income from $240,809 of sales. I continued to create content after October 2012 however at a much slower pace.

This time around I want to complete 2 a day, for one month. I’ll do it smarter and the content will be of a much higher quality. I want it to be proud to publish it. Some of the 2012 content was a bit sloppy.

Most importantly I want to enjoy the process.

This time around I’ll use virtual assistants to do most of the heavy lifting. I’ll create detailed VA instructions, when I receive content back from them I figure it will be in an 80% complete state and I will then refine prior to publishing.

I will document all my costs and just as importantly all of the time I spend directly on the project. I will do this by posting weekly updates.


Things I do not want to do:

  • Take shortcuts
  • Publish anything that I view as substandard content


Things I do want to do:

  • Focus on quality
  • Enjoy the process
  • Have patience while waiting for results
  • Not be disappointed if the project fails


It took about 4 months before the October 2012 work started to really generate a regular return. Some months generated $180 of income, one was $700 (which I loved), with most now averaging $450. This will not be a make money fast project. It is something that may not work, but if it does has the potential to generate an additional $450 a month for the coming years.

If anyone reads this, tries it for themselves and gets stuck, loses motivation or just has any general questions please leave a comment and I will reply with a frank and honest answer.

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