On the move and Magento 1.14

Been a bit quiet here over the last month, we’ve been distracted by the house buying process. The good news is as of yesterday we’ve settled on a nice little (should I be saying cosy?) terrace in Sydney.

While plenty of people poo-poo’d the process before we started it was actually pretty easy and we love the place we found. All up a 5 to 6 week process. Real Estate agents were a bit hit and miss, a few good ones, plenty that weren’t. Reminded me of the recruitment game.

I’ll get back to posting regularly on digital soon. Have been working on a multi-site Magento 1.14 deployment in the office. A big job but the team are good for it. Getting the server architecture right before running into development was very important and took a few months. We’ve chosen Amazon Web Services via Anchor Fleet with GitHub for managing code release.

My advice to anyone managing their own client side dev team and infrastructure. Do it right and use a CVS. It takes a little training and a bit more time but it will save you from being a cowboy with your code.

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