Learn by doing (and failing)

I work full-time. Primarily driving digital however in the past I’ve also worked the odd print and retail campaign. I love what I do and if I had to describe my dream job my current one is it.

Prior to this I did my own thing in a variety of ways, for many years. I ran a digital business, consulted, contracted and imported. Some worked, some didn’t and I wouldn’t change a thing. All were lessons.

Now I work with a larger organisation, larger budget, larger team and larger campaigns. I still think it important for a digital marketer to run their own digital projects. Spend your own money, embrace risk, learn by doing and then apply these lessons.


Put some skin in the game and stop playing with only other people’s money.


If there is no conflict of interest, your day to day job doesn’t suffer and it doesn’t breech contract there is no excuse.

I earn an income from personal projects completed three years ago. An added benefit. Not everything tried worked, sometimes I lost money, sometimes a burst of income was generated and then quickly disappeared, all were lessons.

I’ve had success with Amazon Associates. Some with Google Adsense (this one I want to nail). I’ve fallen over with VigLinks, info products, HostGator and more. I’ve missed more than hit. All were lessons.

We work in a fast paced, ever changing industry. If you’re not continually pushing yourself to learn, then just like a calculator watch you risk becoming obsolete.


The 80’s child in me really wants a calculator watch.

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