How to create VA instructions

There used to be a time when I would write out my VA process documentation using Google Apps, step by step, with screenshots for every stage. This was effective and worked very well, however there was one thing that was required for each process document I wrote. A hell of a lot of time!

Seriously, VA process docs written down take forever to make. I’ll agree that they are the only way to ensure that a process is replicated exactly every time, however even then there are still times when they might be misinterpreted. When I ran my online business prior to relocating back to Sydney last year I must have created over 30 individual documents for different processes throughout the business. 30 documents for a small team is hard to manage as when an update is made to our CMS or other system referenced in the docs we would then need to re-update the document text as well as images.


So since relocating back home to sunny Australia I’ve made one significant change to how I feed Virtual Assistants instructions. The change.. Video.


I love creating a video for a new VA task. It takes significantly less time to create them, it also means I can include verbal instructions that might be difficult to convey on paper and it’s more fun to do.


‘But what happens when a change is made to the system you are using?’..


I’ve hit that hurdle already and my solution was to create a short follow up video which references the changes to the system or your process. The result is that you would end up with a series of video for that process. Once you have several update videos then recreate the main video to include these updates. Easy.

Using Screencast-O-Matic this is how I now create every process I outsource.

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