How to become an Amazon Affiliate in North Carolina, Rhode Island or Arkansas

Do you live in one of the ineligible states for the Amazon Associates program but want to start building out your own Amazon micro websites? What a pain! You might be thinking that mini sites are not for you but before you lose all hope I want to let you know that there is a solution.


Currently banned states include Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina and Rhode Island. These are specified under Section 2 (g) of the Associates Program Operating Agreement.


The fix is actually very simple. Join a service that allows you to use their top commission tier Amazon affiliate account and then pays you out for any products sold. The name of this service is VigLink and I really recommend it to anyone living in these banned states.

You might have started thinking about some alternatives. Such as using Squidoo to build out lenses that go on to sell Amazon products or maybe creating a company structure in one of the states eligible for Amazon associates. The problem with site like Squidoo is that they ultimately own your content and only pay you a small percentage of your Amazon commission. And starting a new company structure to get around these state restrictions is an expensive and complicated work around.


Why I think VigLink is great.

Three reasons. Firstly VigLink are a top tier Amazon associate, meaning they automatically receive an 8.5% commission. After their margin of 35% you are left with an actual 6.4% commission on any product you sell. Normally to receive a commission over 6.0% you need to have sold over 30 items in a month. So for beginners you are actually starting in a better position than if you were to use the Associates program directly.

Secondly VigLink provide you with several tools and widgets you can use on your website to automatically insert Amazon links. These links are contextual and relevant to your website content.

Thirdly VigLink allows you to insert contextual links for other affiliate programs. 32,888 of them to be exact. The great thing here is that your income is aggregated from all of these programs into one account. So if made a $5 commission from the Adobe affiliate program you wouldn’t need to wait to reach their minimum payout level before being paid. VigLink payments are made into a nominated PayPal account.

Personally I believe using VigLink as a workaround to living in one of the banned Amazon Associates states is an elegant solution. Sign up only takes a few minutes and you can be ready to insert links into your WordPress, Blogger, phpBB and other platforms.

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