Email subscriber acquisition using a parcel stuffer

Email continues to be one of the best ways to grow any business. Growing your email subscriber base with relevant and high quality leads should be the priority for any digital marketer.

While an overused trope, existing customers continue to be high-value and low-cost contacts to convert into future transactions. If you are a pure digital retailer you will have the email information of your customers. If you sell via other channels, such as mail order or retail, then using a parcel stuffer will enable you to start capturing existing customer email addresses.

A parcel stuffer is a physical piece of marketing inserted into outbound parcels or shopping bags. The stuffer drives the consumer to a landing page, enabling them to opt-in to receive future digital marketing.

This strategy converts Singles into Multis.

A stuffer should have a relevant message and offer. Several strategies for you to achieve opt-in via a stuffer:

  • Subscribe for a chance to win a prize
  • Subscribe to receive a discount on next purchase
  • Subscribe for updates

Present a strong offer at the end of your opt-in process to drive a transaction, this can offset the cost of printing your collateral.

Measure and calculate your break even. Executed properly you should easily achieve a positive ROI. Execution is the important step. Less talk, more action.

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