3 things to test in your new Welcome EDM

Following up from my last post on creating an email welcome series. This last month we’ve been hard at work developing our new email welcome series. With revision after revision of copy, imagery, responsive layouts, everything.

I’m happy that we are now set to launch our 6 part welcome this week.

However things are far from finished. Like any good automation we’ll need to test and validate continuously. We will test three things initially:

  • Order of emails. Does placing your stronger sales emails nearer to the start of the series result in a better return than towards the end or spreading them out. Track revenue as well as unsubscribes.
  • Strength of offers. What difference to NET profit (not gross turnover) does increasing or lowering the offers presented in your welcome have on margin. Track NET revenue as well as unsubscribes. Too strong and does it scare people away, too weak and do people lose interest?
  • Images and copy. Split test these elements in your emails to see which perform better. Testing should be your bread and butter. Track revenue, click-through, conversion rates as well as unsubscribes. Focus on driving quality traffic and not volume of clicks.

We will be keeping tests as pure as possible and only run one at a time, starting with order of emails. The test will run for 5 to 9 weeks, looking for statistical significance to be reached prior to selecting the winner.

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