Build a website framework

It is very tempting to deploy a pretty website. Something that you think ticks all the boxes of what consumers expect from their online experience today. Avoid doing this. Build a website framework (wire-frame) that does not include pretty images. One that at it’s core gives you the ability to test each major element on

On the move and Magento 1.14

Been a bit quiet here over the last month, we’ve been distracted by the house buying process. The good news is as of yesterday we’ve settled on a nice little (should I be saying cosy?) terrace in Sydney. While plenty of people poo-poo’d the process before we started it was actually pretty easy and we

Good Amazon Content.. the same as any good content. Quality Uniqueness Relevance Get these right before you publish. If your content doesn’t stack up then do not publish. Make the internet a better place and leave it free from junk. In the context of creating Amazon content. The intent is to create solid product review pages on

The 1 Month Project

In my last post I talked about wanting to create fresh content for the Amazon Associates program. In this post I want to flesh out the project in a little more detail. In October of 2012 I published one Amazon Associates article a day. This one months worth of work has provided a small passive

Creating an email welcome series

A good welcome series positions and introduces prospects to your brand. If you run aggressive acquisition campaigns to grow your list this positioning takes priority. Newly acquired external leads (e.g. leads acquired via EDM list rental campaigns, promotions etc) will not be familiar with what your brand represents and what products/services it provides. This is

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